Crete Boom

σκαιοῖσι μὲν γὰρ καινὰ προσφέρων σοφὰ δόξεις ἀχρεῖος κοὐ σοφὸς πεφυκέναι τῶν δ' αὖ δοκούντων εἰδέναι τι ποικίλον κρείσσων νομισθεὶς ἐν πόλει λυπρὸς φανῇ

Crete Boom lived and played in Dublin from 2005 to 2008 but nowadays are in Ballina, Berlin, Dublin, London and New York.

Our music is freely available on most streaming services. Go here if you're looking for a license or downloads. Email Colm or Seo for anything else.

Colm Cahill (d), Seosamh Cahill (g), Patrick Delaney (v), Ben Green (s,p) Michael Ruane (b).